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Happy Cinco de Mayo! While everyone is going to find a way to celebrate, here's why you need to make friends with a Mexican person and celebrate the right way.

With more people staying home, the internet has more of our attention. But here are 5 people we need to stop giving attention to. 5. The Meme Motivational Speaker You’ve seen them. All they post are pics of WORDS. “You choose your happiness” or “don’t wait on a door to open; go through the window.” […]

J. Kruz is so proud of his home studio that he's making me do an IG Live with him so everyone can see. So here's why you might want to reorganize your home as well:

It's election day! Time to vote, even if it doesn't's why.

Saturday I was on a panel and and all the black men told the black women to stop using ethnic names and stop marketing to black people. So it's time to remind them why black women are amazing.

Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts and good news only. So happy Good Friday! Here are some things to avoid to keep the Good Friday energy flowing: 

On this wonderful Throwback Thursday, let's reflect on some artists who we're missing in the music game right now:

Saturday, I thought I had a whole husband. Turns out he's looking for a husband too. But he's super cool and now we're friends. Here's why you need one too:

Chris Brown and The Game just got new face tattoos. As crazy as it may seem, here's why you should join them:

I got a new tattoo over the weekend and now I think everyone should get one! Here's why:

My doctor is playing games with me. Here's why everyone in life needs a second opinion.

My coworker was in a play over the weekend and I went to support, and it got me to thinking: we should do more of that. Here's why: