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My doctor is playing games with me. Here’s why everyone in life needs a second opinion:

5. Because the First Opinion Was Dumb

The background of the Galactic arch bridge

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How you gone ask your dumb friend whether or not he thinks global warming is real?? He thinks global warming is what happens to Dallas in July! If you don’t call your smart friend and have a real conversation…

4. The first Opinion Could be Wrong

In The 2012 Paris Motor Show

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Imagine your homegirl telling you that even though you wear a size 11, that 7 looks GOOD on you! A second opinion would tell you that you in fact look like the Michelin Man.

3. Cause You Wanna be Right


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We all have that friend who will keep it real with us. Well sometimes you don’t want that friend. You want the ‘yes man.’ So get that second opinion, so you can feel justified to bust the windows out that man’s car.

2. It’s a Great Pick-Up Line

The best is yet to be

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You know you look good. You also know this guy next to you is sexy. So have your homegirl play wingman and act like you don’t look good in that dress, so you can ask the guy next to you what he thinks. Then bam: that’s your husband.

1. Because You Don’t Wanna Give Up

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson signs a Vodka bottle

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You finally shared your dream of becoming a rapper with your best friend, and they had the nerve to be unsupportive ! So what if you’re 49 and never been on a stage before; you’re meant for this! So just ask someone else what they think; you’ll get rich or die trying. You’ll probably die first, but that’s neither here nor there.