My coworker was in a play over the weekend and I went to support, and it got me to thinking: we should do more of that. Here’s why:

5. It’s Cheap

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Sometimes you don’t even need money to support your friends. You’ve probably seen on Twitter, “a simple retweet could help me reach my next customer.” Well….retweet it! Repost it on Instagram. Share it on Facebook. Then bam: support proven.

4. It’s a Great Excuse to Not Go Out

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Friend is an aspiring designer and is having their very own fashion show at 4 pm. Of course you’ll be there, on the front row! But you’ll be way too tired to go to the club later. All that sitting and clapping wore you out.

3. It’s a Great Way to Meet People

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Let’s say your friend is in a play, and you go by yourself. Of course you cute! And now you’re free to do all the flirting you want, because your hating ass homegirl….is the friend you came to support, and she’s busy on stage. Get your man, girl.

2. You Can Guilt Them Into Supporting You

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So you drove from Frisco to Waxahachie just to see your homegirl’s performance? You’re a great friend! And you can remind her of how great your are when you start your clothing line. She better get TWO items.

1. You Might be Their Only Support

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You ever had a friend who didn’t have a job, yet swore they could change the world if they just had the right support? And people stopped believing in them because after so much time, it’s like “just move on!” Yet friend just won’t give up. And as more people forget about friend, you stayed true, even at the risk of looking crazy or losing your own friends. Well keep it up; I didn’t watch the Big Game either. Word to Colin Kaepernick.

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