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Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts and good news only. So happy Good Friday! Here are some things to avoid to keep the Good Friday energy flowing:

5. You Forget to Brush Your Teeth

Portrait of dentist holding toothbrush and toothpaste in his medical practice

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I’ve done this before. I washed my face, put on makeup and out the door. Then you start talking and bam: stank breath. And this is why you always keep gum handy. Somebody at your job has Spearmint.

4. You Forget to Clip Your Toenails

Huntingdon Races

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You are a busy, hard-working woman. And it’s been cold; you ain’t worried about no pedicure! But then you wanna wear your favorite pumps…and they feel a little tight…? Oh that’s right; your feet mysteriously grew 2 inches because you have claws coming out of them. Girl…hit the dollar store when you get off and handle that.

3. You See a Movie with Your Hood Friend

Marvel's 'Ant-Man' Toronto Premiere

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You love her, but you know you can’t take her NOWHERE. She talks through the entire movie. She gives away the ending because she already saw it on firestick, she sneaks in snacks. Okay…the snack part is dope. But other than that….tell her you’ll kick it with her Monday and enjoy your weekend.

2. You Steal Out of Self-Checkout

Close Up Of Man

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Okay….okay…I’m guilty of this too. But then you gotta grow up. I know you ain’t wanna pay $7 for that almond butter. But then you got caught. How you gonna explain going to jail for shoplifting health foods?? Girl just pay for it or put it back until you get paid.

1. YOU Ruin Your Friday

The 82nd Academy Awards - Press Room - Los Angeles

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You barely got any sleep…you had a horrible dream…everybody is getting on your nerves. Guess what: you still have like 12 hours left in the day. You gone waste them being upset, or you gonna treat yourself to the happiness you deserve? Smile! And if not, keep your negative ass away from me.