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Chris Brown and The Game just got new face tattoos. As crazy as it may seem, here’s why you should join them:

5. It’s a Conversation Starter


Source: Joe Chea / Joe Chea

Are you shy? Timid? Social awkward? Well a big tattoo on the side of your face would certainly get people talking. I mean who wouldn’t approach you if you had “free hugs” tatted on your cheek?

4. You’re a Lover, Not a Fighter

Soulja Boy Mug Shot

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Look you don’t like to put your hands on people, but you WILL put these hands on anyone who wants smoke. So to keep the peace, just get a face tattoo. I don’t care if you have gummy bears on your face…they’ll think twice about fighting you.

3. You Hate Working for People

2011 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

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Some people want to be their own boss. They don’t like answering to other people and explaining their actions. And if you get 16 smiley faces tatted on your forehead…trust me, you’ll never get a job.

2. You Need Protection

United Families and Friends protest against deaths in custody

Source: Mario Mitsis/ / WENN

So you finna go to jail for failure to pay child support. These 6 months finna be brutal! But who’s gonna mess with somebody with a knife tatted on his cheek? Gone spend that money on the tattoo; we know you not spending it on your kid.

1. You Wanna Make it as a Rapper

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014

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Sure you lack talent. Your work ethic is nonexistent. So your only option is to get a face tattoo. All the big rappers have them: Wayne, Wiz, Rick Ross…trust me, you going platinum!