I got a new tattoo over the weekend and now I think everyone should get one! Here’s why:

5. It’s a Great Form of Expression

Ralo Signing Party Hosted By Gucci Mane

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Jewelry is cool, a new hairstyle is nice, but those things fade. So why not get something permanent that will always represent exactly who you are? That way, you’ll be able to look at those paw prints on your A-cup breasts, and, I don’t know…imagine a tiger scratching you.

4. You’ll Feel Like a Thug

Jmblya Fest 2019

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Look I don’t care what people say, 90% of tattoos hurt. So if you can get on Instagram live and not yell or pee on yourself…you a G, and can’t nobody tell you nothing for at least 18 hours. It’s not like you can fight; take your wins as they come.

3. It’s a Great Way to Prove Your Love

Utah Scenics

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Clothes are nice, rings are cute, but you know how you can really prove that your love is forever…? Get his name on you. It’s not like anyone has ever gotten someone’s name tatted on them and lived to regret it…

2. It Lasts Longer Than it Hurts

Lil Wayne

Source: Live Nation / Lil Wayne

I know that pelvis tattoo started to sound like a bad idea after he started tattooing . But trust me: make it through this 2 hours of crying like your deadbeat daddy said he was coming right back and you didn’t see him for 6 years, and you’ll always have something petty on your pelvis that maybe one day someone besides you will see.

1. Because You Want It!

2 Chainz

Source: Def Jam Records

Your mama don’t want you to get it, your homegirl said it was stupid…but you know what it means to YOU! So dammit, you go to that tattoo shop, you lay down…and you get “hot girl summer” tatted on your left buttcheek.

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