J. Kruz is so proud of his home studio that he’s making me do an IG Live with him so everyone can see. So here’s why you might want to reorganize your home as well:

5. Everybody else is doing it

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Whether it’s IG live, one of those challenges, or finally using your stove…everyone is doing the same thing. So if for no other reason…stop being a slob because it’s in style.

4. You’ll Save Yourself Embarrassment

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So you finna hop on the wave and have a zoom conference. Cool! And now everyone is gonna see how disgusting your house is. Like how you ain’t got one clean corner for your web conference?? don’t be that guy whose house LOOKS like it smells.

3. You Ain’t Doing Nothing Else

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“Oh my God I’m so bored! I wanna go outside!” Why?? Because you don’t wanna be inside?? That’s because your house is nasty. The only thing clean and comfortable in your house…is the family of roaches.

2. To Reminisce

Reef Sandals

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You know how you move your couch and find popcorn kernels and loose change? Well as nasty as your house is, if you clean it, you might find flip flops and a bottle of lotion and a used condom…all the wonderful things you did when outside was open, and you vacuumed regularly.

1. Because You’re Shallow

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The only reason I’m doing this as my top 5 is because J Kruz wants to show off his closet-turned-home studio. He’s worked so hard on making it cute that he’s using me for his own benefit. So if you care about what others think as much as J Kruz…clean your nasty ass house.

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