It’s election day! Time to vote, even if it doesn’t’s why.

5. You Can’t Complain if You Don’t

Lil Wayne Referee Incident

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You’ve heard alllll these commercials telling you who to vote for. This person promises to do this, this candidate will do that. And I know I’ve been on my Instagram rolling my eyes at everybody…but I can’t roll my eyes if I don’t vote. So put your ballot where your mouth is and voice your opinion where it counts.

4. You Get a Sticker


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That sounds childish, but be real; you love getting that “I voted” sticker so you can post it on Facebook and Instagram. Now you’ll seem informed about current issues. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

3. Just in Case They Count

Oprah Winfrey Joins Obama On Campaign Trail

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I know there’s a lot of debate about whether or not the vote for president counts, but there’s no LOCAL electoral college…I don’t think. So even if you’re skeptical…just go vote…just in case.

2. Cause it’s Free

US dollars American Bills in Bundles On a Bright Yellow background.

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All you need is some gas and bam: you voted. You don’t need a membership, no service fee is required…just drive to a polling place, push some buttons…and for Free.99, you exercised your right to vote.

1. People Died so You Could

Dr. Martin Luther King...

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Regardless of whether or not you think our votes count, if you don’t love the candidates…love the fact that people marched, were hosed, bitten by dogs, and killed…so you could walk in a polling place, close the curtain, and let it be known who think you should run your community. So if you’re not moved by anything else, go talk to somebody’s grandmama and show respect to your elders and ancestors by going to vote.