Veda Loca

Veda LocaOn-Air Personality

Veda “Veda Loca” Emery “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” -Frederick Douglas, 1857 If you ask where she was born, she'll say, “Pick somewhere!” If you ask how old she is, she'll ask,“How old do you want me to be?” Veda Emery became known as “Veda Loca” as a result of her hilarious commentary while she worked as a stylist at a Washington D.C. Hair salon. Her natural ability to engage and entertain others encouraged Veda to pursue a career in comedy. Veda tried stand-up and quickly learned that the stage would not be her home. Her realization came after she heard “Boo!” “Booooo!” “Boooooooooo!” as she was booed off the stage for forgetting her material!!! Who would have guessed this would happen to such a witty, outspoken, talkative individual!!! In the words of Peter Griffin, “Oh no they didn't!!!!” Veda is best known for her presentation of “Veda's Hot Mess,”a moment where she shines a light on downright shocking behaviors of the celebrities we have all grown to love and admire as well as news stories that make us ask, “WTF?” (Veda's delivery of these stories can also make you ask,“WTF”!!!!). Catch Veda on 97.9 The Beat M-F from 5a-10a on Veda Loca in the Morning.