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Ludacris called into my show to update his fans about his role in the upcoming film “Fast and Furious 6” and his new album “Ludaversal.” Listen to his answer when I asked about a possible lead role in a romantic comedy playing Meagan Good’s love interest! Make Sure you “LIKE” me on FACEBOOK and follow […]

GUCCI MANE drops TRAP GOD and you can check it out here ! One of the most anticipated mixtapes of the season just dropped by the one and only Gucci Mane.  So how is it?  We could tell you, but where’s the fun in that?  Click below and check it out for yourself and tell […]

The Weeknd Has dropped the video for Wicked Games, but be warned this is a NSFW video !! Watch at your own discretion!

What’s up party people? My name is Jesse Salazar, aka Boy Loco. I’ve been a radio dj for over 13 years. But, as this is my bio, let’s back up to when I was just a wee-little Loco. I grew up in the small west Texas town of Odessa. From the beginning, I embraced hip […]

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The very Beautiful, ALICIA KEYS, came by the station this week to chop it up with ya Boy !! I know you’ve been checking out, GIRL ON FIRE, but do you know what else she’s got going on ?? Check the vid and find out and don’t forget to check me out every day 10a-2p […]

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I know I’m wrong for this one, but here goes………….When blind people go to the bathroom, how do they know when they are done wiping their butt? Follow Me On Twitter @Melthemack

So, you haven’t bought Miguel’s new album, “Kaleidoscope”, yet?? Well, here’s snippets from the album, so take a listen and then go to iTunes or your local retail store and BUY IT !!! Adore Don’t Look Back Use Me Do You Kaleidoscope dream The Thrill How many drinks Where’s the fun in forever Arch and […]

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