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Is it me or is DFW really influencing the culture nowadays? I mean really….I’ve counted multiple times I’ve seen slang terms, dance moves, even FOOD taken away from our beloved city and we never get any credit. Well, here’s five of the most well known things that make Dallas great BUT have been used and abused by outsiders.


1. Whataburger 

I can’t be the only Texan upset that Chicago is really trying it with the Whataburger T-shirts? I get it, it’s time for expansion and we can’t be selfish….HOWEVER, we have cherished those Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits for years and the disrespect just won’t be tolerated for too much longer.


2. Dougie by Lil’ Wil

When Lil’ Wil’ touched down with ‘My Dougie’ a new era of culture emerged in the DFW. Not only three years later did Cali Swag District come out with ‘Teach Me How to Dougie’ in 2011 and the dance we all knew and love just got cheesier and cheesier.

Even though he did give credit to the Triple DDD…

I ain’t from Dallas but I D-town boogie,

I show my moves off now everybody tryna do me.

Or were you trying to do US? Either way, we definitely should have took a bus up there and really taught our kids so they wouldn’t be out here embarrassing us like this smh.


3. Ricky Bobby by B- Hamp

AND ANOTHER ONE! Cali, Cali, Cali can’t you see…ya swagga-jacking is really infuriating me! Like seriously, y’all already took ‘The Dougie’ THEN you backdoor and take the Ricky Bobby created in 2009, slap a new name on it (Catdaddy 2011), and thought no one would notice? (check out the video below)

Just do better because if it happens again…we’ve got the horses in back.


4. Dez Bryant

Eh, yes I’m still a little salty about this one. Like who wouldn’t want to rock the STAR over the ‘fleur de lis’? I bet no on even knows that’s what the symbol for the Saints is called!!!! See! None of this makes any sense.

5. Halle Berry Song by Supastarr and Q Smith

Now this one really hurt my soul. Business or not, the Hurricane Chris version just wasn’t as good..PERIODT! It was like listening to ghetto karaoke. Thank you, but NEXT!


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