Leave it up to the legendary talk show icon Jerry Springer, to have “Time Today “. Moneybagg Yo type energy in the flesh while Jerry has a zoom call with all his children. RELATED:Talk Show Host Jerry Springer Dead at 79 We learn so much after pressing play. His wife threatened to expose his side […]

With Jonathan Price being the latest person to die, reportedly at the hands of the police, after breaking up a domestic dispute, I've compiled a list of things we still CAN do while being black.

Exclusive: Jazze Speaks With Pastor Dr. Frederick Haynes III About The Recent Incident At Friendship West!

A small group is making BIG changes!! Gina Waters & Katlyn Parks, of the Wichita Falls, Texas #BlackLivesMatter movement, discuss systematic racism, Confederate Memorials, and more. These hardworking activists have this to say about Witchita Falls, “The black community of Wichita Falls remains underserved by city officials and continues to endure harsh treatment at the hands […]

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Text DFW to 24042 to join 97.9 The Beat’s mobile club for exclusive news (Terms & Conditions) Follow The Beat On Twitter:  DFW’s very own Jamie Fox by way of East Texas, has had enough of the lack of love & respect for African Americans. Here’s a behind the scenes mindset & perspective of Jamie’s position. Leading by example #TheLeastWeCanDo […]

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Trina decided to call the people involved in the uprising in Miami "animals out the zoo," so she's catching hell. And I have more hell for her.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: 9 protesters who were arrested outside of the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday (Sept 16, 2018) remain in jail. Their cause? Being a voice for Botham Jean who was senselessly killed by Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger in his own apartment. For more info, see video below (content may take a few […]

  Facebook has suspended the largest Black Lives Matter page becuase it was found to be a complete fake. In a time when Facebook’s integrity as an organization is under immense scrutiny, it’s important for users to know who is behind their favorite pages. Thousands of people were scammed into making donations through a fake […]

After performing for Donald Trump's inauguration, social media had serious words for the singer who now wants to appease her African-American fans.