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Trina decided to call the people involved in the uprising in Miami “animals out the zoo,” so she’s catching hell. And I have more hell for her.

5. She Dated Lil Wayne – It’s one thing to slip up and sleep with someone ugly. But she was Wayne’s GIRLFRIEND. Imagine calling black people animals, when you dated someone who looks like a gremlin. Girl…

4. She’s Not Used to Thinking for Herself – Back when she could actually rap, you think she was writing those rhymes…? Chile Trick Daddy made her. Are you really taking the mind of someone who TRICK DADDY made, seriously??

3. She Slept with Trick Daddy…Allegedly – I once heard Trick Daddy say on ‘Rap City,” “I dun made Trina’s tongue slap her back.” Now whether or not it’s true, or he lied on national tv, the rumor of sleeping with him is enough for me to never have any reason to listen to her.

2. Khia is Keeping Her Relevant – “Man, I wonder what Trina’s doing?” Said no one EVER. If it wasn’t for that value meal, double cheeseburger ass beef with Khia, or her role on the celebrity graveyard, AKA “Love and Hip Hop: Miami,” who caaaaaaares about Trina??

1. Nobody Else Does! – You ever been to a Trina show? Nobody is rapping along to every song; they’re just looking at her because she’s big fine. She’s like Amber Rose when she was dating Kanye West; better seen but should NEVER open her mouth. And according to her music, she has so many other uses for her mouth, other than words.