George Floyd

Does Blue Face regret his joke about George Floyd? Says yk osiris gets his respect for going to his crib to get beat🥊! Is he Hispanic? Sup wit all those girls fighting at his crib? Whats he puffing on & more. Check out the full interview & #LYAO w/ P skillz & j-kruz  who @bluefacebleedem kept calling “Enrique” 🙂😁😆🤣 LISTEN […]

They touched on the shooting of #RayshardBrooks & #GeorgeFloyd. They also talked about #Tazers, #ChokeHolds, #systemicracism, #policeunions & more. We’d like to Thank the following people, Mandrell Drakes: Office of Community Affairs • •  Lieutenant Eric Roman: South West Subdivision 3rd Watch Commander • • Jolie Robinson: Office of Community Affairs, Manager • • Arturo Martinez: Sr CPL UNIDOS Latino Outreach […]

Text DFW to 24042 to join 97.9 The Beat’s mobile club for exclusive news (Terms & Conditions) Follow The Beat On Twitter:  DFW’s very own Jamie Fox by way of East Texas, has had enough of the lack of love & respect for African Americans. Here’s a behind the scenes mindset & perspective of Jamie’s position. Leading by example #TheLeastWeCanDo […]

Trina decided to call the people involved in the uprising in Miami "animals out the zoo," so she's catching hell. And I have more hell for her.

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