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Sheroes Barbie Dolls

Source: Mattel/Business Wire / Mattel/Business Wire

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This is so cool and shows how FINALLY companies are getting on the representation train. Twitter celebrated Mattel’s newest member to the Barbie family on Friday with a black Barbie who uses a wheelchair. The doll features natural hair ponytails and a realistic wheelchair with a ramp so she can come and go from the Barbie dream house as she pleases.  Although it’s not the first Barbie  in a wheelchair, Mattel had “wheelchair Becky” in 1997 but the toys soon disappeared from shelves when people complained that the wheelchair didn’t fit through the doors of the Barbie dream house.  The doll is being cheered for its representation of black girls and those with disabilities, “A Black, visibly disabled Barbie, with natural hair!? AND HER WHEELCHAIR ISN’T A UGLY HOSPITAL CHAIR! We love representation!” tweeted @nerdyPoC. Click here to see the new black Barbie. 

What do you think of the new Barbie?


-Kiki J

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