Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! We’ve all had quick morning step outside with a outfit on that, we prolly would never wear in regular public. Check out this emergency caught on camera when man vs wild life became a real situation. Coyote vs puppy may have went worse if the […]

They say if you poke a dog into a corner eventually, he’s going to bite you. The case was no different for legendary boxer Mike Tyson who got into an altercation after an obnoxious fan kept being a menace back in April.  See the video below! According to TMZ, “The San Mateo County District Attorney […]

Expect the unexpected when you see “Da Baby” in headlines because we never know what we’re going to get, and this weeks news is no different. Long story short, back in 2018 Da Baby had an altercation with a man named Jaylin Craig and Henry Douglas at a Walmart in North Carolina that left Craig […]

On February 24, 2022 Russia launched a full scale invasion on Ukraine including bombing their international airport and trapping millions inside of the country with no way out. After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for the country to help, civilians volunteered to fight were formed under the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces. Both men and women […]

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Text DFW to 24042 to join 97.9 The Beat’s mobile club for exclusive news (Terms & Conditions). Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Looks like Rick Ross is on a mission mission. Press play and peep the combos. P-skillz (@PskillzFLo)

Text DFW to 24042 to join 97.9 The Beat’s mobile club for exclusive news (Terms & Conditions). Follow The Beat On Twitter: A video surfaced recently of a fight in the classroom at Skyline High School of a student and a teacher. No word has been given about how the fight started, but from viewing the video, it appears […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: An Arlington ISD first grade student was hospitalized this week after a fight at Sherrod Elementary School. The mom says her son was being bullied over a pop-tart and went to the teacher for help, but was ignored. Later, the student’s head was busted by another student in a fight in […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Things got out of hand at a little league championship baseball game in Plano. One thing led to another and the coach of one team and a parent got into a fight. Police were called but no one was charged. See the video below for more info (be patient as […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Blac Chyna and her neighbor got into a heated argument, which resulted in cops appearing at her house. Early Tuesday morning, cops showed up at Blac Chyna’s house after her neighbor called the California police on her. Apparently, Blac Chyna’s neighbor was getting her roof done at 9 o’clock in […]

One Miami woman took the term “overprotective mother” to a whole new level. Ernstlatta LaFrance is facing various charges for retaliating against a teen girl who fought her daughter. Everything started when LaFrance’s daughter got into a scuffle with a group of girls at a county fair. Following the incident, 30-year-old LaFrance, her daughter, and […] Matt Jordan may be facing jail time after his altercation with Peter Thomas. All About The Tea reports that there’s a warrant out for now Jordan’s arrest after Peter threatened to file charges. As you may recall the Real Housewives of Atlanta men got into a brawl at a North Carolina radio station and rumors surfaced […]

There was some drama in the rapper's camp during according to new reports.