Chile, the internet is gone internet and this particular rumor is spreading TOO damn fast! In the viral photo shared by Glock Topics on Twitter, you see model Amber Rose and comedian Chris Rock walking together in NYC. It seems like two friends just kicking it on their day off, but of course, the world […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Scoot over Twitter, there is a new toy in town. Meta the parent company of Instagram and Facebook have launched a new social media app called “Threads” what you need & must know about this fastly growing new piece of technology. New creative spaces and […]


Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Cardi B just went off off. Rule number 1 dont talk about Cardi’s kid period. Also, dont take tweets the wrong way unless its clearly stated whats going on. Cardi goes off on the haters for the making up rumors, and health defects. Twitter seems […]

We’ve got a lot going here on Earth. So much, it becomes a little difficult to keep up with the beauty and adventure of it all. So here’s to remembering the grass IS greener on the other side!   The Kickback w/ Jazzi Black Weekdays 9A- 3P, Follow @yojazziblack on […]


Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Looks like 42 Dugg makes the internet cringe after kissing his son’s neck. Pause for the cause and watch and debate for yourself. Twitter and the internet have a field day with this Detroit rappers affection towards his sons neck.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Lil Uzi Vert unleashed a Twitter storm on Thanksgiving shocking fans with his comments about DJ Drama and Don Cannon, who head up Uzi’s label, “Generation Now.” Within a series of tweets Uzi wrote, “F__k DJ Drama he broke,” “Ni__as need me 2 drop 2 pay bills…my best friend Mean […]

Don’t you just love when Twitter brings back memories from your childhood? Just recently they went on a rampage with #ImOldEnoughToRememberWhen and all of this 90’s nostalgia is giving me just what I need to end off the Summer. What do YOU remember from your childhood?

Kiki J

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Over the weekend O.J. Simpson surfaced on Twitter and it was a creepy as it sounds. The former football star and felon made not one, but three videos and Twitter just couldn’t deal.  Upon announcing he would be tweeting, now that he knows how to use the platform, Simpson said […]

In 2018 the news of a viral social media game called The Momo Challenge circulated around the internet sparking fear in parents with young children who spend hours tapping away on their tablets and laptops. The origins of Momo varies with reports of the dangerous game starting on WhatsApp, players received deadly tasks from an […]

J. Cole was feeling some type of way earlier this afternoon that compelled him to move his Twitter fingers. He wanted to share his thoughts on what a Grammy meant to him and also the pride he felt for last nights hip-hop winners.

When I heard Azealia Banks biggest hit “212” for the first time I knew she was going to completely disrupt the music industry. From Banks impeccable pen game combined with dope production that incorporated House, R&B, and Hip Hop elements, she felt like a breath of fresh air that you only get to breathe once […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Butch Groves, a school administrator at The Oakridge School in Arlington, TX, has been suspended indefinitely for an inappropriate tweet he sent that went viral. For more info, see video below (content may take a few moments to load on certain devices or you may have to refresh page to view). […]