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Chile, the internet is gone internet and this particular rumor is spreading TOO damn fast! In the viral photo shared by Glock Topics on Twitter, you see model Amber Rose and comedian Chris Rock walking together in NYC. It seems like two friends just kicking it on their day off, but of course, the world wide web likes to take matters into their own hands to create narratives that might not even exist.


The biggest narrative is that “Chris Rock played the long game. I respect it” as one user tweeted, suggesting Rock has had eyes on Amber since appearing on her former ex Kanye West’s song ‘Blame Game.’ Fans are running with the idea that the two could be dating after dissecting the monologue at the end of the song where Chris Rock says, 

“Baby, you done took this sh*t to another motherf***in’ level

Now, a neighborhood n**** like me ain’t supposed to be gettin’ no p**** like this

Goddamn, goddamn

Who taught you how to get sexy for a n****?”

(Yeezy taught me)

Hear full song below.

Let’s just enjoy the music, enjoy Your life, and get ready for a positive 2024 where we DON’T worry about other peoples business!

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