Climate & Environment

Last Update 03/02/2023 at  2:33 PM Earlier this week, meteorologists said because gulf moisture will be sitting in the area, it could cause bad weather for DFW by Wednesday. This morning, storms rolled across North Texas coming from southwest as residents in Grandbury caught hail larger than quarters falling from the sky. (See Below) The […]


Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Every thing is bigger in Texas at this point is a under statement. Press play and learn 9 new facts you didn’t know prior to pressing play, with thin thr first 3 minutes you’ll sharpen your geographical, or romantical skills just by paying attention detail. […]

Happy Earth Day to the most intriguing planet in the Milky Way! Today we celebrate the beauty, resources, and conservation of our beloved planet in hopes to save what we have left for future generations. Many major companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, have pledged to become zero carbon by 2050, but it also takes […]

With gas prices soaring across the world, we’re definitely feeling the heat in North Texas (and it’s not even Summer yet!) Keep your pockets as full as you can and save money on gas with Gas Buddy! A site dedicated to helping consumers save money on gas by locating the cheapest gas stations near you […]

The world will never forget ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin, who tragically passed in 2006 after he was impaled by a stingray bob in the Australia’s Batt Reef. Now in 2022, his two children Bindi and Robert, are taking the big screen in their fathers footsteps with their own show called “Crickey! It’s the Irwins!” […]

Weird to say “It’s that time of year again,” but,  it’s the unfortunate reality we face living in Texas with our well known ‘bipolar weather’. Last year we faced one of the toughest winter freezes in North Texas history, so this year we’ve got to be more prepared! Expect below freezing temps in the teens […]

We’ve got a lot going here on Earth. So much, it becomes a little difficult to keep up with the beauty and adventure of it all. So here’s to remembering the grass IS greener on the other side!     The Kickback w/ Jazzi Black Weekdays 9A- 3P, Follow @yojazziblack on Twitter | Follow @jazziblack […]

Now usually when someone mentions bees, unless you’re a beekeeper, most people are quick to react “accordingly”. This time however, they weren’t trying to attack you mid-selfie or busy helping flowers and plants grow through pollination. Instead, they were looking for a sip of something cool to refresh their hot bug summer. Yes, you read […]