Big Data Confirms: We Still Love SuperherosMost Americans still enjoy superhero movies, but more and more say they’re getting tired of them. Superhero film fatigue among U.S. adults is up 6 points from a 2018 survey.Tesla Autonomous Car UpdateTesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk pushed the use of cameras over other safety devices in his […]

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Go Daddy What!:Up to 1.2 million customers with website hosting service GoDaddy Inc.may have had their data accessed and exposed by hackers starting inearly September, the company told the Securities and ExchangeCommission. GoDaddy said the hackers used a compromised password toaccess its services and could have set up inactive and active customers’email addresses and customer […]

Check out the latest episode of Tech This Out: Homeland Security is constantly trying to figure out new strategies on how to stay ahead of criminals.  The Homeland Security app is still in early development, but it seems that they will have a new tool to track and document gang members in the future using […]

This past Sunday De La Soul’s debut album 3 Feet High and Rising reached it’s 30 year anniversary. A moment to celebrate an influential album including huge records like “Me Myself and I” and “Potholes In My Lawn” became a reminder that the music industry values money over it’s artists and the effects can be […]

In 2018 the news of a viral social media game called The Momo Challenge circulated around the internet sparking fear in parents with young children who spend hours tapping away on their tablets and laptops. The origins of Momo varies with reports of the dangerous game starting on WhatsApp, players received deadly tasks from an […]

The Racial Issues Of Facial Recognition In Trump’s America Facial Recognition isn’t only being used by social media platforms to test their latest software updates via #tenyearchallenge posts. With the development of cellphones, fingerprint scanners and virtual assistants, facial recognition has become an essential security measure that has only tapped the surface of the impact […]

When Soulja Boy announced the release of his portable gaming console “SouljaGame” in early December, it was met with puzzled reactions. The console looked like a hybrid of a X-Box controller and Nintendo Switch with 3,000 built-in games which were emulated from other popular consoles (SOULJAGAME/PS/NEOGEO/PC/SEGA/GBA/NES to name a few). For $199.99 diehard Soulja Boy […]

Hip Hop is one of the few genres that doesn’t let it’s artists thrive past a certain age. Aside from the legends who can continue to drop critically acclaimed albums and remain relevant in this world of fast food music (consume now, discard when the next big thing drops) most artists aren’t blessed with the […]

A woman that is completely liberated in her sexuality continues to be a dividing issue for the conservatives who prefer to have sex with the lights off and the sexually open individuals  scheduling hookups weekly on their favorite “dating” apps. When Nicki Minaj announced that she prefers to have sex three times a night on […]

As another Black Friday passes we move into some of the biggest online shopping periods for the holiday season. Last years Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in history and this year consumers are estimated to spend $23.4 billion online during this year’s Thanksgiving holiday weekend. While online retailers celebrate the significant increase […]

Cardi B has been about her shmoney since making a name for herself through Instagram and quickly turning her social media clout into a influential reality show appearance and successful debut rap career. Everything the Bronx superstar touches, raps on or co-signs turns platinum and her clothing line with Fashion Nova is no different. Fashion […]

Every January hundreds of thousands of attendees head to Las Vegas for CES, an annual trade show produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). People around the world spend three days checking out latest innovations in the technology space from self-driving cars, smart home devices, virtual reality and anything you can imagine that involves the […]