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A woman that is completely liberated in her sexuality continues to be a dividing issue for the conservatives who prefer to have sex with the lights off and the sexually open individuals  scheduling hookups weekly on their favorite “dating” apps. When Nicki Minaj announced that she prefers to have sex three times a night on television, Ellen viewers and later the rest of the internet expressed a range of reactions to the thought of that much vigorous daily activity. The physical capabilities were questioned. Reflecting on our own wild sexcapades (or lack thereof) were taken to account. Finally the Minaj haters and people who want to keep conversations like this in private added their opinions on the “Feeling Myself” rapper’s exhausting love life.

It’s interesting taking in the nonstop negative messages sent Nicki’s way when a few years ago, it seemed like she was untouchable on the Hip Hop and pop culture forefront. Fashion magazines kept her sculpted curves on multiple covers while her unapologetic opinions were met with praise, mainly from women that wanted to hear their outspoken peers speak their truth. Her empire which includes movie roles, alcohol endorsements, a fashion line and record imprint was thriving but along the way the powerful boss became an overrated, polarizing figure in rap. When the acceptance of your achievements aren’t received as humble and you’re supplying the internet with numerous moments to scrutinize, it’s only a matter of time before you become the bad guy, “Chun Li”. But maybe that’s what the “Barbie Dreams” mogul wants?

Maybe Nicki Minaj wants the freedom to spit that she prefers to get it in three times a night (“if he can’t fuck three times a night, peace!”) and that’s okay. I’ll admit there are some questionable things that are worthy of discussing for any mainstream artist with a platform (The Surviving R. Kelly conversation is still going) but debating on the desire to have an all night bang session seems… pointless. Unless Minaj taps you for the job, make sure you have your Gatorade on deck and can accomplish the task. As we step into a new year, I’m excited for Minaj to continue being bold, candid and hopefully giving us some more quote worthy rants on Queen Radio. Fingers crossed!

Article By: Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah