Just a few weeks after Tupac’s album 2Pacalyspe turned 30, new info on the West Coast legend has surfaced. Sources recently discovered that his late bodyguard Frank Alexander, who passed in 2013, had been holding out on a hard drive containing unreleased photos, songs, and documents of the rapper. According to TMZ, the drive holds […]

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Marcc Rose and Wavvy Jones portray iconic rappers Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. in USA‘s upcoming new true crime seriel Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and Biggie. We wanted to see how in-depth they prepared for their roles so we played a game. We call it Tupac or Biggie? Let’s see how they do.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Tupac’s biopic has performed well. Despite the mixed reviews and some critics, All Eyez On Me, the Tupac Shakur biopic hit theaters this weekend, and the fans didn’t stay away.  Even Jada Pinkett-Smith and 50 Cent posted some negative feedback via social media. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! According to a report […]

Jada Is Not The Only Celebrity Unhappy With The Movie Follow The Beat On Twitter: Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

In a Facebook post, Jada reveals her disappointed in the way the film depicted her relationship with Tupac.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: The 2Pac biopic All Eyez On Me will be in theaters everywhere June 16. Here are 9 video clips from the movie DFW to hold you over until. 1. All Eyez On Me Movie – 2Pac Recording California Love  – 2. 2Pac Gets Notepad For Christmas – 3. 2Pac’s Mom […]

 Follow The Beat On Twitter: Actor, Demetrius Shipp Jr. stopped by the “Tonight Show” to discuss his casting as Tupac in this year’s “All Eyez on Me” biopic. Probably the most anticipated movie of the summer premieres this Friday, June 16th. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

It’s been years in the making but finally after years of planning, producing, editing and tweaking, LT Hutton’s Tupac biopic is now ready for the world to see, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. It just so happens the final version of the film will be released in theaters on Friday June 16 which is […]

Plus check out performances by Dr. Dre, Alicia Keys, YG and T.I.