Just a few weeks after Tupac’s album 2Pacalyspe turned 30, new info on the West Coast legend has surfaced. Sources recently discovered that his late bodyguard Frank Alexander, who passed in 2013, had been holding out on a hard drive containing unreleased photos, songs, and documents of the rapper.

According to TMZ, the drive holds 83 GB and has a starting bid at $10,000 that begins today on GottaHaveRockandRoll.com . Auction enthusiasts speculate the drive will reach a higher bid, maybe even close to about $600k or more. The value is not just for a few photos the internet hasn’t turned into a meme yet, but there’s legal documents that detail cases Tupac was involved in, plus, a never before heard version of his song “Hit ‘Em Up” !

As if all of this wasn’t a super fans dream, his estate wants to make sure they maintain some of the integrity of these prized possessions. Gracefully, they released a statement that said “10% of the proceeds will be going towards the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation.”  Good luck to the bidders, and remember, it ain’t nothing but a gangsta party!

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