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Known as the People’s Host, DJ Kayotik DJ Kayotik Bio Where can you find DJ Kayotik? Opening for National recording Artist (i.e. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyrese, & Young Jeezy just to name of few). Performing in front of thousands at the Dallas Cowboys home games inside the Dr. Pepper Plaza, Miller Lite Lounge & Crown Royal VIP Lounge. Resident VJ/DJ at the #1 Club in Texas - Beamer Night Club. Performing at the Ghost Bar (Dallas) and various concerts in Texas. On television before millions on CW33 {Co-Host for Flava TV}. Celebrity events, Fashion shows, Movie premieres, Product launches and more. With performances alongside a who’s who list of musical powerhouses including Usher, Alicia Keys, Trey Songz and T.I.,DJ Kayotik has been the go-to DJ for performances and events throughout the Texas market for the last decade. Possessing the versatility and range of expertise from Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Top 40 and Old School hits and the invaluable skill of reading a dance floor and programming music accordingly, DJ Kayotik has been in increasing demand and continues to captivate audiences with his DJ sets. DJ Kayotik pronounced [KayOtik], got inspired with this stage-name from the word Chaotic, but with the "K" for his name's first initial. Growing up in Queens, NY, in a single family home Kayotik’s adult life started early at the age of 15. Working hard was something all too familiar to the young man. The only thing is that he knew he had to find his passion, and in 2000 he realized that an international deejay is something that he would thrive to be. Still so young it wouldn’t be until 2007 when the opportunities would roll in. Now when you hear the name DJ Kayotik, the first thought that goes through your mind is “Video Mixer and DJ”, premiere Master of ceremonies & Radio Personality. And let’s not forget the OFFICIAL "NUVO" DJ Ambassador & special events DJ for the Dallas Cowboys/Legends Hospitality Group. Whatever the initial thought might have been, Kayotik has branded his name throughout the clubs and radio airwaves, and is referred to as “The People’s Host” Ascending to prominence as one of Radio One’s top DJs, Kayotik is one of the most sought-after DJs in the industry. DJ Kayotik is one of the industry's hottest and most in demand DJ’s/Emcee’s, making everyone dance, rock, lean, bounce, wiggle, scream and sweat at ANY party or event. He continues to perform and host various events thus adding the hype element as soon as he walks through the door. With rocking' the mic, and moving the crowd; KAYOTIK embraces all genres of music. DJ KAYOTIK is not only known for bringing excitement to the party; DJ KAYOTIK is the party! This young trendsetter currently serves as President and CEO of KANI Entertainment Group, his own cutting edge, event production, marketing, promotions and event Management Company with its roots deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry. KANI Entertainment Group was created and designed to meet the needs of the ever-changing social world. Aside from being a professional, entrepreneur and amazingly talented, DJ Kayotik is also very compassionate. Besides all of his services that he offers, he also offers his time. DJ Kayotik is a man of his community and any time that he can give back, he is sure to be doing so. He consistently travels to different schools to talk to children about the importance of an education and how his job as a DJ is very serious and requires a lot of training. DJ Kayotik has organized “The Kayotik Foundation, Inc.”,(Kareem’s Alternative Youth Options To Improve Kids), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life for youth by focusing on the issues of literacy and self-esteem. This only child will never limit himself to just one job in the entertainment industry, because there are so many ways to touch someone. Kayotik’s next goal is to become a producer so that he may further expand ways to musically inspire individuals. You can find DJ Kayotik spinning or hosting at the hottest nightclubs, the most talked about celebrity parties and high profile sporting events. DJ Kayotik’s positivity is what he will continue to use to help inspire his young community and raise awareness and support organizations His website is quickly becoming a hub for hip hop and pop culture. Check out DJ Kayotik on Veda Loca in the Morning M-F from 5a-10a on 97.9 The Beat.