Trent Bennett, a teacher at Malvern High School in Little Rock, took to KTHV-TV's Facebook page on Christmas Eve to unleash a series of racist remarks about President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

One Bernie Sanders supporter did his shade duty this week by leaving a female motorist stuck in the snow because she's a Donald Trump fan.

The nominees for Global Grind's 2016 Social Media Awards are in.

Pamela Taylor, the director at the non-profit Clay County Development Corporation, was given a pink slip on Monday for making racist comments about FLOTUS.

Plus, some NBA players think future champs won’t want to visit a Trump White House and Facebook glitch tells thousands of users that they’re dead.

A new report says the federal government is using social media to monitor and crack down on Black activists around the country.

Jane Wood Allen described FLOTUS has a "gorilla" and said she was a "disgrace to America." Now, Allen has no job.

Taking to Facebook to express his disdain for the men in blue, 21-year-old Deshawn Lanton wrote, "Maybe I should drop a bomb on Tha building to get rid of Tha rest of y'all."

Prince's passing back in April affected the lives of many – especially those who knew and loved him most.

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