Seems like we went to sleep and woke up and the world was a totally different place. Now scientists are predicting that this nightmare won’t ever end. In a matter of almost two years we’ve gone from an epidimic, to a pandemic, and most recently researchers think it could escalate into an endemic. Not sure […]

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know how INTENSE of a threat the new COVID-19 Delta variant is to our nation. With “Outside” opening back up, our Texas governor removing the mask mandate, and only about 44% of Texas being fully vaccinated, the air is feeling pretty gross right now. There are rumors of […]

Watch: Flu And COVID-19 Vaccine Questions Answered By Dr. Carolee Estelle!

I had to be to work 3 hours early today and well...I have some tips to make your morning better than mine.

636 inmates at FMC Fort Worth have contracted the coronavirus, which is about 40% of the population and the 5th person died has on Sunday.  Staff members have also tested positive. There are tents set up to treat the inmates. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO CREDIT: NBCDFW     LISTEN LIVE Follow The Beat On Twitter: […]

This week on the Community Calendar Jazze interviews Ahmad Goree the Lead Economic Development Specialist and Public Information Officer. They discuss how the Coronavirus has affected so many small businesses and how the Small Business Administration is offering disaster assistance to Texas Small Businesses & Non-Profits economically impacted. Small businesses that qualify can receive up […]

Gov. Greg Abbot has waived expiration dates for driver’s licenses in an effort to keep people social distancing. So if you have a drivers license or a commercial license that is expired or is about to expire you don’t need to go to DPS to renew it right now. “Our top priority remains public health and […]

  I get it social distancing is something new for all of us but it’s essential to do to keep everyone healthy and younger people seem to be having a problem sitting their asses down somewhere, including Cardi B.  Cardi hit up Instagram Live with a full face of makeup and nowhere to go.  Cardi […]

You’ve probably already experienced long lines and limited supplies at you local grocery store due to Corona virus but now business across the metroplex are making big changes in order to encourage social distancing and make sure that they keep their shelves stocked. Walmart is cutting store hours starting Sunday (March 15th) in order to give […]