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Cardi B Birthday Bash ATL 2018

Source: Justinmyview / Radio One

I get it social distancing is something new for all of us but it’s essential to do to keep everyone healthy and younger people seem to be having a problem sitting their asses down somewhere, including Cardi B. 

Cardi hit up Instagram Live with a full face of makeup and nowhere to go.  Cardi admits she’s “scared” and is hoping someone from the Pentagon can give her some answers. 

Cardi seemed to have a revelation by the end of the video, as she realizes that there is a very important reason why we’re experiencing such extreme measures and those answers can only come from someone bigger than her.  Check out Cardi losing it below…BUT before you hit play, know that it’s NSFW.  



How are you keeping it together while social distancing? Hit me up on my socials and let know -@officialkikij 

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