Title: InnovateLA: The SXSW of Los Angeles  Description: The biggest festival for innovators is taking place not in Silicon Valley, New York City or Austin Texas but instead its happening in Los Angeles. InnovateLA just kicked off November 2nd. Now in its fourth year the event has grown and is aiming to be the SXSW of the […]

Every January hundreds of thousands of attendees head to Las Vegas for CES, an annual trade show produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). People around the world spend three days checking out latest innovations in the technology space from self-driving cars, smart home devices, virtual reality and anything you can imagine that involves the […]

Title: Damon Dash Says YouTube Pays Rappers To Fight Description: Before 2009 there was zero cryptos, today guess how many coins are on the market. Does Donald Trump care if the Russians are phone tapping his iPhone? Guess what the police are using A.I for now? Hip Hop mogul Damon Dash unveils YouTube pays rappers […]

  Having to put the words, Kanye West, White Supremacy and Gentrification in the same sentence might have seemed random a couple years ago but in 2018 anything is possible. Our politically correct culture continues to fade away with each new Trump headline and political parties haven’t felt this divided and divisive since the days […]

When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up their answer is usually influenced by what they see every day or their vast imagination of the future. A little girl might want to be a singer after hearing that Dua Lipa song for the 1,000th time on the radio. A […]

When I heard Azealia Banks biggest hit “212” for the first time I knew she was going to completely disrupt the music industry. From Banks impeccable pen game combined with dope production that incorporated House, R&B, and Hip Hop elements, she felt like a breath of fresh air that you only get to breathe once […]

Title: Damon Dash: It’s More Than Just Being Tech Savvy Description: From mixtapes, cd’s, mp3 to streaming music,  Music Mogul Damon Dash speaks on not only how the game has changed but why artist need to leverage technology and keep control. Unfiltered, Damon Dash exposes YouTube and Google for paying rappers to fight or do degrading […]

Title: Pras Speaks Blockchain Technology “For The Culture” Description: Wall Street gangsters predicts that blockchain technology, along with robotics, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of things (IoT) will be the foundation of the fourth industrial age. Grammy winner, activist, and now tech entrepreneur Pras Michel believes this new technology can empower we the people, hence for the culture. According […]

Title: The Legendary Pras of the Fugees Talks Blacture Description: This week we have Pras breaking down hip hop’s influence in tech. He breaks down blockchain from bit coin to phones. He also talks about his digital platform Blacture, which he promises will merge the black culture, tech, news, and more. Tune in for this […]

Cardi B’s name hasn’t left news headlines all year and for good reason. Whether she’s breaking another Billboard record, killing every fashion week she attends or giving the world a glimpse of baby Kulture, the Bronx superstar has proven she’s here to stay and her place in the hip hop world is firmly set. Well, […]

Title: Introducing The New Cardi B? Description: Introducing Generation Z the first truly digital generation. Need a job, consider working on the Moon. Did Cardi B get an upgrade? It’s Tech This Out News.

Title: By 2028 The World May Have Two Internets!  Description: Bernie Sanders started it, Amazon claps back!  WTF, is Instagram more secure than government email? Bitcoins used as a matter of survival in Palenstine and finally could the Internet be split in two by 2028?