The explosion of TikTok has launched new platforms such as Quibi, which have captured the new trend of consuming content that has been resurrected since the days of Vine. Youtube now plans on making a push towards launching its own in-house app that shares similar features as these platforms. Will this new app dominate the […]

Title: Do You Know Who Has Your Data? Description: From consumer behavior to predictive analytics, companies regularly capture, store and analyze large amounts of data on their consumer base every day! Do you know who has your data?

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Title: Meet the Man Called Mr. OG KUSH Description: “A friend with weed is a friend indeed,” Tech This Out gets a history level on how cannabis gained acceptance in California and became the number one domestic producer of the legalized drug. Dominic “Mr. OG Kush” Angelo drops some dime bag knowledge on the prohibition of […]

Title: LeBron James Knows About Your Fake Instagram Followers Description: We take a look at how Instagram in clapping down on fake follower, likes, and comments.  Some other highlights include stories about a full body 3D printer, a lawsuit including Comcast, and the fall of Bitcoin.  Tech This Out…

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Title: Damon Dash Says YouTube Pays Rappers To Fight Description: Before 2009 there was zero cryptos, today guess how many coins are on the market. Does Donald Trump care if the Russians are phone tapping his iPhone? Guess what the police are using A.I for now? Hip Hop mogul Damon Dash unveils YouTube pays rappers […]