Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Leave it up to the West Coast Cali rapper Roddy Rich to roll out a new promo idea to push his new album  “Live Life Fast “. According to the video he’ll be sending this white Rolls Royce across the country from coast to coast […]

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Follow The Beat On Twitter:  If you missed Blueface‘s new song called “Thotiana” tonight. Keep calm and press play for the vibe originating from the West side of California. New dance alert for the fellas in case you were trynna catch a few thotties for the weekend.

Are food halls taking over the food truck faze?  Are they more convenient? I do like the food hall over in Plano! Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  The Latest:


https://twitter.com/artwingcon/status/988504350887575552 Some anonymous people/artists are putting up posters promoting Kanye for President in 2024 in Los Angeles, Chicago, and NYC.  They are using Trump’s slogan “Keep America Great” and the hashtag #Kanye2024. These posters timing come after Kanye tweeted about how much he admires YouTuber Candace Owens, who’s known for talking badly about the Black Lives […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: NBA, Tristan Thompson was spotted with a female that wasn’t Khloe Kardashian in New York City arriving to a hotel early Sunday morning. Khloe was back in Cleveland getting ready to birth her and Tristan’s first baby together. This unidentified woman was seen in a black-and-white footage at a NYC […]

The F.B.I. have found Mukhammadzoir Kadirov, who they believe is a person of interest in the deaths of eight people in New York City.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: 6 dead in NYC as a driver plows into a crowd. The driver did have a gun (update: the gun was fake). Police opened fire on the man and he is currently in custody. No names have been released yet regarding the victim or the driver. Check back for more […]

https://twitter.com/NYDailyNews/status/854867224779251714 A New York City school principal is is facing assault charges after he allegedly beat a seven-year-old student in what he claimed was a form of corporal punishment. NBC reports that Machael Spencer-Edwards, principal at P.S. 202 Ernest S. Jenkyns School in East New York, was arrested Tuesday on charges of assault and acting in a manner […]

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A new report has revealed an alarming disparity surrounding fatal injuries endured by Black children in New York City.

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New York City's mayor ignores prison reform activists and plans renovation of controversial prison complex.

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Glenn Martin, a former Rikers inmate and advocate for criminal justice reform, has continually made the effort to have Rikers Island closed.