Special K has a lot of problems with the fast food restaurants in the hood. He says that his experiences going to them are far worse than they the fast food restaurants in the richer neighborhoods, and he’s completely fed up with it. Check out the video above to see what he had to say on […]

At least 11 died after severe tornadoes and storms tore through northern Texas.

Here are all of LeBron's huge deals, including some he's probably forgotten about.

That act of kindness had a positive impact on the McDonald's employee.

Fast food is great for hangovers, but what if you could get drunk AND eat burgers at the same damn time?

McDonald's Modern China Burger with GREY bun the 'colour of despair' leaves diners baffled http://t.co/bir8rSkIgH pic.twitter.com/Fj4IVFukd7 — Mirror Weird News (@MirrorWeirdNews) October 19, 2015 Just when you thought Burger King’s black bun was as bad as it could get. Colored buns have basically become a thing in fast food, and we’re not sure why. Now, […]

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Turns out, President Obama does think Hillary Clinton made some mistakes with the handling of her emails.

Tyler Perry has been doing his best to help comfort the Houstons since Bobbi Kristina passed away in July, most recently sharing a touching tribute…

Ready to hear some good stories? This summer was filled with moments that touched our hearts – whether they involved celebrities or everyday people going…

McDonald’s knows how to throw a party. At Essence Fest in New Orleans last weekend, #TeamBeautiful got the chance to hang out with city locals, festival volunteers and celebs like R&B Divas star Brave Williams and actors Dondre Whitfield and Salli Richardson Whitfield. With DJ Kid Capri spinning all of the best hits, guests spent the […]

Ok, is it really this serious,  especially if your music is not targeted towards kids!! A Chicago teenager named Tyshaun Granger was reportedly fired from his job at McDonalds for allegedly placing his “mixtape” in children’s Happy Meal’s, rather than the usual toy. According to the satire site Huzlers.com, he’s been doing it for 2 […]