Follow The Beat On Twitter: Birdman x Juvenile x Lil Wayne – Ride Dat There are a few things that I keep up with such as where to find the best tacos, football and new music and this week I was especially happy to see that a new song popped up from Birdman, Lil Wayne […]

Text DFW to 24042 to join 97.9 The Beat’s mobile club for exclusive news (Terms & Conditions). Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Juvenile and Birdman are officially back on good terms, and back to the money literally.  New Music, money splits, and Lil Wayne are all up for topic with Wendy Williams. Press play to find out 9 facts […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Looks like Soulja Boy seems as if he wants all the smoke in the world with Tyga. If you received a $100 for every time he mentioned Tyga’s name you could be pretty wealthy. Who ever knew the greatest comeback of 2018 would be a contest worth mentioning. Soulja goes […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Check out Birdman situation on the 4th of July . I thought the banks were closed too. Lets see what 73 Billion streams could get you. Press play for some holiday cashing out.

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The "Unbreak My Heart" singer wants it to be a “Carrie Bradshaw" affair that's "elegant and a little sexy.” 

Over the weekend, Mannie Fresh and Birdman hit us with a chune that proves the Big Tymers haven’t lost their signature touch all these years later. Listen to “Designer casket,” off Birdman’s Apple Music documentary  Before Anythang: The Story Behind the Cash Money Records Empire. It’ll warp you back in time and get you hype for […] In the 99 & 2000’s Juvenile, Lil Wayne and B.G. all had successful albums with Cash Money Records but don’t forget about Birdman and Mannie Fresh. The Duo, Big Tymers was very successful themselves. “Get Your Roll On” and “#1 Stunna” where big hits but after Mannie Fresh left Cash Money in 2005, the group […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: By the age 16 Mr.Put some Respect on my name, Bird Man had 7 cars. Before Any Thing was the documentary that has gave the Cash Money Ceo a fire buzz for the boards. Press play and learn about the culture before the culture was the culture. The meaning of […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Some songs you just need a deeper look at it with a physical break down to paint the correct picture . Derez De’shon “Hardaway ” has been in heavy rotation on the Night SHow Flight SHow for a reason.

Certain beefs just won’t die. In the case of J. Prince versus anybody, it’s a matter of respect. And he barely has any for Birdman. In an Instagram post that could double as one of Prince’s “courtesy calls,” the mogul once more took up for his son, Jas Prince in regards to the younger Prince discovering Drake. After a video in […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Looks like Baby aka “Mr. Put some Respect on My Name” is headed to the movie screen via Apple Music for a Documentary. Its entitled “Before Anythang: The Story Behind Cash Money Records Empire “. Brian Williams aka “Baby gives us the real deal facts behind the fiction.