Bernice Jenkins

Bernice Jenkins announces sign-ups for The 2nd Annual Senior Citizens Slap-Boxing Competition!

Bernice Jenkins made her routine call to Cora and the rest of her friends in heaven!

In Bernice Jenkins' church announcements, she is sad to reveal the loss of Mother Bakewell's eldest son.

In Bernice Jenkins' church announcements, she has a message from the host of this year's super bowl party.

Bernice Jenkins announces that the church is helping a woman get to the super bowl.

Bernice Jenkins says the pastor was very upset last week after a big dinner the church had.

Bernice Jenkins has to pass on a message for the woman who sewed all the choir robes for the Watchnight service.

In Bernice Jenkins‘ church announcements, she has to pass on a message from the pastor to the overweight members of the church, who threw him off last Sunday. Listen to the audio player to hear what happened in this exclusive clip of these Church Announcements! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the latest announcements from Bernice Jenkins here and […]