In this edition of the Paternity Test Tuesday, Angelese used to be a swinger.

In this paternity test, a husband thinks the doctor messed up his wife's in vitro fertilization.

Rickey Smiley was running a little bit behind schedule one day because of a mishap with his car.

This couple met at the grocery store that they both work at. They broke up for a while, after she caught him cheating on her with another girl from the grocery store. While they were on break, she dated someone else, and now he’s unsure whether their kid is really his. Sign Up For Our […]

A man named Victor divorced his wife of two years, a woman named Dawn, after finding out that she had a side dude the entire time they were together. Victor is convinced that Dawn only married him for his money, but she could not disagree more.  Now, the bickering ex-couple is trying to figure out […]

Everyone knows the most common polite way to refer to a fart is “passing gas,” but people don’t often think about the fact that we call it “gas” for a reason. When Headkrack reads a hilarious story about a woman in Tokyo who injured herself with her fart during an operation, it ignites a conversation […]