Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! We knew it wouldn’t be long into the Christmas Holiday season until we heard from Big Draco. Soulja Boy usually trends a round this time of year , due to his new endorsements, or simple merchandise advertisements. For Example,  when he claim to be the […]


Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Ouch Plies put shoe store on blast for the lack of whiteness , on his laces. Press play to see why he had to get 3 pair of white Air force 1‘s within a 3 day period. Plies has been keeping his cool over the […]

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Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn is not allowing city Recreation Department or booster clubs to buy Nike gear. He is claiming that he does not want taxpayers’ money being used to support Nike’s “political campaign” that featured Colin Kaepernick.  Seems like he is pushing his own political agenda by enforcing this but hey what do I […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Leave it up to Plies to chime in on the recent Nike boycott. “Big mad” or nah, decide for yourself. Who in the kitchen of Chick-A-Fila has to answer to his demand.  

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Lebron James takes a mini promo tour around the world and then this happened. Press play and check out what “LBJ” stands for. Shanghai, China goeswild when the USA Icon made his way to the scene. Plus check out his most recent Milly Rock .

Follow The Beat On Twitter: This is why you don’t buy J’s from yo momma and nem… According to Fox 5 News DC, 400 pairs of FAKE Air Jordans just got seized by Customs in route to Virginia. Bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️ -Farlin Ave (@farlinave) Sign Up For Our Newsletter! More News: Kevin Gates Finally Released From Prison, […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: What an adventerous year it has been for Serena Williams. From grabbing her 23rd Gram slam to holding multiple titles, and breaking world records left and right. Not to mention, bringing in her first born “Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr”. If that’s not enough for one family. How about the true […]

Bryson Tiller announced an event he’ll be hosting today in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky in an effort to give back. He posted a pic on IG of him standing in a basketball court with the caption that read in part “I made it a goal of mine to redo a court in the area i […]

Photos of female athletes in a sporty Nike hijab made their rounds on social media this week.