Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! wow what a year. 2021 was such wide year with all types of energy be it good bad, and the ugly. From Gorilla glue, to Vice President, to Boosie, to Saweetie, NBA stats, even politics , and trending topics that made you ask a family […]

Our ability to create, react to and preserve the culture we’re creating through the internet is a blessing and sometimes a curse. I mean having to bypass trolls (whether they be racist or just ignorant) can get annoying, Seeing your family and friends share political posts that are always too long and bias can get […]

Originally published at By now you’ve seen or at least heard some rendition of Pastor Shirley Caesar singing about all the food “the Internet” intends to eat on Thanksgiving. Yes it’s hilarious, but a lot of people are wondering where this clip even came from in the first place. So let’s start from the […]

Ellen DeGeneres is never usually on the public's bad side, but on Tuesday, the comedian felt the wrath of social media.

When it comes to the beloved cartoon character, the Internet has absolutely no chill--and we're totally here for it.

We all know what days off from work during the summer mean…BBQ. Here is a little ammunition for your social media BBQ post today! For more funny visit

The Internet makes everything better, including recapping our favorite shows. Want the full rundown of what you missed in last night’s episode? Read more here. But if you want the quick and dirty, the dope staff over at found the best memes from last night’s Empire Season 2, Episode 15 for your viewing pleasure. […]

Chrissy Teigen already had one viral meme after displaying her ugly-cry face at the Golden Globes last year, but last night at the Oscars, she got another one that's just as hilarious.

Future Freebands got all the way petty on Instagram last night, when he liked a popular meme that's been making its way around the internet.

Drake is loving the memes that have ensued following “What a Time to Be Alive.” Drake is a pretty self-aware guy, and he seems cognizant of the complete shutdown of the rap game he just initiated after premiering What a Time to Be Alive on OVO Sound radio. Of course, everyone knew that WATTBA would result in memes and GIFs flooding […]

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