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If you plan to catch the solar eclipse this afternoon, be sure to wear FDA approved sunglasses for viewing. It is extremely dangerous to look directly at the eclipse with the naked eye. Also, keep your dogs and pets indoors during the eclipse, as it can cause retinal damage for them also. For eclipse times […]

Rapper Ty Money has made quite a name for himself the last couple of years. I caught wind of the rapper after his song “Kalifornia” from his 2014 “Turn Up God” mixtape hit the internet. Once of the best from Chicago you may never heard of, Ty has been making waves with his “Cinco De Money” […]

According to reports, singer Ciara was involved in a car accident today in Los Angeles. Witnesses told TMZ, Ciara was driving a white Mercedes SUV and was making a left turn when a grey Volvo SUV slammed into the front passenger side of the vehicle. After clutching her shoulder and chest the singer looked to […]

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott’s unexpected rise landed him the coveted NFL Rookie of the Year award. Prescott beat out finalists Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa, Falcons linebacker Deion Jones, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and fellow teammate running back Ezekiel Elliott. Prescott started all 16 games and posted 3,667 passing yards with 23 touchdowns and […]

Introducing Reactions from Facebook on Vimeo. Facebook is constantly changing the way people interact on their website and today they’ve made a huge announcement. Facebook “Reactions” now enables Facebookers to Facebookers can now “Like, Love, Laugh, Be Shocked, Be Sad or Angry” on your post now Who really want to like a status about someone […]

What happens when you take The Lion King’s Simba and Nala and mix them with he movie Baby Boy? A hilarious set of tweets from Twitter user @SINice that would make you think the two lions were Jody and Yvette. The tweets are filled with sex, love, hate and breaks which you can see below!

After her public battle with Stage 4 cancer, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola died in the hospital early Thursday morning, a representative on behalf of her family confirmed on Twitter.  In March 2015, the star announced doctors discovered a lemon-sized tumor in her throat, which lead to the start of Big Ang’s ongoing battle with the disease. The same month, she underwent […]

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