Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! At last, we the people and the true fans of East Texas legendary icon Jamie Foxx can take a sign of relief. This most recent video above confirms that our prayers have been answered. The road to recovery hasn’t looked better for Jamie. Press play […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Over the last three weeks famous, and non famous people across the globe have been praying daily for one of the greatest entertainers to walk the earth. Fat Joe has broken his silence with a lack of patience in the full recovery mode for his […]

It’s been almost two weeks since news broke about actor and entertainment mogul Jamie Foxx being hospitalized. His daughter Corinne shared a social media post about his condition stating “he is on his way to recovery.” Since then, the Foxx family has been privately handling the situation with little to no update until recent when […]


Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Leave it up to two of the hottest icons of the culture to tap in via social media. Jamie Fox and Snoop Dogg are back at it again . Press play for the vibes created by two of your favorite house hold names. Jamie insisted […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Did you know Jamie Fox had a daughter ? Did you know she was famous and bearing hidden talents. Press play and learn a thing or three. Press play for some news on the net .

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Jamie Fox breaks it down, on the Late Show. Keeping it 100 staying goofy is acceptable. Remaining  great to be good, becomes challenging when ? Press play for some secrets to success from a DFW MetroPlex native. Talks Kanye, the actor life, receiving numerous awards and more.

We have our host for the 2018 BET Awards and this year its… actor and comedian, Jamie Foxx. This will be Foxx’s second time hosting the award show. He hosted the show back 2009, how the award ceremony changed it’s normal format and became as an all-star tribute to Michael Jackson, who had died unexpectedly several […]

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been a rumoured couple for several years now — but according to reports, the actors are finally ready to go public with their love. A source revealed to Us Weekly that although the couple has been exclusive for years, Katie “used to be super worried about public attention.” The insider […]

Once again, racism seems to have no area code, even for actors like Jamie Foxx. In a visit to Croatia while film his upcoming movie, Robin Hood: Orgiins, the multi-award winning entertainer received racist insults at a restaurant where he was dining. Police reports said two people were making “particularly arrogant and rude” comments to restaurant guests including […]

T.I. came through to the morning show to talk about his new thriller, “Sleepless,” in which he stars alongside Jamie Foxx. He talks about what audiences can expect from the action-packed film. He also reveals when he realized he could act, and how getting pulled over throughout his life has taught him how to be […]

Jamie Foxx is set to release his latest film, Sleepless, in which he plays a Las Vegas police officer by the name of Vincent Downs.