Why everybody always want to mess with Ja Rule? Yes, the Fyre Festival thing was weird, but he’s moved on to bigger and better deals! Yesterday, the Murder Inc. rapper took to social media to share he just signed a new deal potentially worth $100 million! Almost instantly, internet bullies jumped to call bluff on […]

“I’m sitting here looking at Kesha like do you love me, do you love me not?” The catchy first line from Moneybag Yo’s ‘Wockesha’ has been charting Billboard for 21 weeks now! Some artists choose to ride the wave alone, while others take a chance on collaborating with some of their favorite music friends for […]

One great idea the pandemic birthed was the VERZUZ battle between two legendary artists in the Hip-Hop/R&B world! Tonight it goes down with Ja Rule VERZUZ Fat Joe, and I’m betting ALL MY MONEY on Ja Rule! Let’s hop he pops off his set with his first hit  “Holla Holla”, maybe a little “Clap Back” to […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: The consensus of Ja Rule’s halftime performance is underwhelming. Except that’s not what Ja Rule made it appear like. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! This made people bring out what really happened and well… When the Timberwolves decided to poke fun at him he responded by placing a curse on […]

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bpar-6JnlI2/?taken-by=50cent Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Looks like 50 Cent is on a roll & troll. After purchasing 200 front row seat tickets to a Ja Rule & Ashanti concert in Arlington Texas. He continued to let his followers know how much of a “deal” it was. Mean while Ashanti was asked for her input […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Check out Ashanti coming through airport, being grilled and chilled by TMZ  for a video of her ex’s dad circulating the internet. Ashanti also, confirms the upcoming collaboration project with Ja Rule.

  Ja Rule took the time to speak up for New Yorkers recently in a protest against New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). According to New York Daily News, 80% of NYCHA’s public housing residents lost heat or hot water at some point this past winter. At a rally outside City Hall, Ja Rule joined […]

Ja Rule is in a lot of hot water, along with the other founders of the Fyre Festival.

Over a decade later, 50 Cent is still picking on Ja Rule.

Bobby Brown once called Usher his "mini-me," but legend has it, Usher does not tolerate the R&B OG's attempts to son him.