Community Calendar - Jazze Maxie speaks with Senior Manager Of External Affairs at ViiV Healthcare PJ Moton-Poole about their "With Love" pop up campaign in Dallas.

Exclusive: Watch LGBTQI Community Leader Kirk Myers Invite DaBaby To Tour HIV/AIDS Facility After Controversial Comments!

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Join us at the National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Event which will be held on Tuesday, April 10th at Redbird Skateland thats 1206 N Duncanville Rd, in Duncanville. This event will start at 6:30 PM and the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy – Student National Pharmaceutical Association, SNPHA will educate students grades 6th-12th on […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Join us at the AIDS Walk on Saturday March 24th! The 5K walk/run kicks off at 8AM. This year’s theme “End AIDS Together” extends the mission which is to inspire, educate and galvanize the community of South Dallas and surrounding areas to continue to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS and […]

Carlos Bell, who is currently being held without bond, allegedly abused at least seven young men at school and his home.

On November 15, 2015 actor Charlie Sheen announced on national TV that he was infected with the HIV virus. Two years after his announcement an ex-girlfriend is suing him stating he didn’t disclose his status until after they had sexual relations. Here”s how its being reported via TMZ: “A California woman — known only as […]

In July 2013, Raymond Parker was hoping to get a job with the NYPD as a police communications technician. After he applied, he received a “conditional” offer of employment. However, during a routine medical exam, Parker told officials that he was HIV-positive. The NYPD asked for more information on his CD4 count, which is a health measurement […]

The late Eazy-E‘s son, Lil Eazy-E, claims to be an HIV activist, yet he is for harsh punitive punishment when it comes to HIV-positive sex-partners not disclosing their status. In an interview with TMZ, Lil’ Eazy-E said he was against California lawmakers possibly lowering the penalty for knowingly exposing a sex partner to HIV. By his […] Former college wrestler Michael Johnson just received a huge break in his court case. According to reports, a Missouri appeals court ordered a new trial on Tuesday for the wrestler who was sentenced to 30 years in prison back in 2013 for infecting a man with HIV and endangering four other sexual partners. The court […]

An Missouri appeals court overturns the conviction of an HIV positive man, accused of not disclosing his status and infecting his partner. The judges chastised the prosecutor for delaying disclosure of key evidence to the defense.

Cookie Johnson discusses her new book, “Believing In Magic,” and being married to her husband, Magic Johnson, for 25 years. She talks about arriving at that title for the book after writing it and realizing the journey she and her husband had been on together. Cookie also recalls that fateful moment many years ago when […]