It’s  been 15 years since The Fugees have been on stage to perform legendary hits like  “Killing Me Softly with His Song” and “Ready or Not.”  Their iconic album “The Score” went on to sell over 22 million copies worldwide, and earned the MC’s two Grammy awards that made them the FIRST hip-hop group ever […]

Wyclef Jean is taking on the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. After sheriff deputies wrongly arrested him, mistaking him for an  armed robber, the music artist condemned their actions on Twitter, at first believing they were the LAPD. The sheriff’s department issued an apology and a report of the incident, but Jean is not having […]

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You know, it wasn’t too long ago that musician Wyclef Jean was all over social media singing the praises of the #AllLivesMatter movement and let’s just say he may feel a bit differently after his unfortunate encounter with the LAPD. Mistaken as a suspect in a robbery, Wyclef Jean was handcuffed by the LAPD and […]

The singer is speaking out about the LAPD mistaking him for a West Hollywood suspect.

The rapper and producer Wyclef Jean was handcuffed by officers he believed to be from the LAPD. He posted video of the altercation and threatened to sue the department.

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Wyclef is stylin' on 'em on Day One of NYFW Mens and talked about his new album, Jourvet.

The jury is still out on whether Young Thug’s new video for ‘Wyclef Jean’ was truly a train wreck or a stroke of genius. The video, which cost over $100,000 to make according to the directors Pomp&Clout, has all the elements of a traditional rap video except one thing…the artist himself. Why? According to the explanation […]

UPDATED: OCTOBER 2, 2016 6 PM EST After The New York Times broke a story Saturday alleging that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades, NewsOne dug through its archives for stories about Black leaders and celebrities who were punished for failing to pay taxes. Two years ago, The Times reviewed records that show […]

Wyclef drops a new power music video, which co-stars Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith.  Be on the lookout for his J’ouvert EP dropping in November.

Thursday night, the Democratic National Convention culminated a presidential primary season that saw a self-proclaimed billionaire rise to prominence on the strength of bombastic rhetoric, thinly veiled racially charged comments, and the idea that America is broken and needs to be made “great again.” The same election cycle that produced Donald Trump has also produced Hillary Clinton, who […]