Introducing you to some of the DFW’s real estate professionals that should be on your radar. Meet Star Green Star’s passion for real estate began at a very early age while shopping for new homes with her parents in Tampa, FL. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University and received her MBA […]

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Uh oh. Things aren't looking great for A$AP Rocky.

Nestled in D.C.'s Kalorama neighborhood, their 8,200-square-foot, four-story brick home has nine bedrooms, a wine cellar and an amazing garden.

Russell Westbrook might be planning on making the jump to L.A.

Picking your next apartment may have just gotten a lot easier...or harder.

  After seeing a ring, we thought marriage. When Nicki called Meek her “baby father,” we (naturally) thought she was pregnant. Well, there won’t be any prenups or baby bumps, but the couple is set on buying a house together. And a very big one at that. According to TMZ, Omeeka has placed a bid for a […]

Beyonce and Jay Z are probably wishing they stayed New York residents now that they’ve been booted from their L.A. pad. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles…

Beyonce and Jay Z have shelled out the big bucks for the “La Casa de Castille”, according to sources like Variety and the real estate blog Curbed. The mansion, located in…

It seems like there’s no love in the state of Florida for the rapper who remixed the state’s name. Rapper Flo Rida claims to have…

LISTEN TO ROCK T AND RICKEY TALK ABOUT IT HERE: [IN CASE YOU MISSED IT] Rock T Told Rickey the T.O. Stopped by the Jail House to Visit Chad Johnson, Rickey Says that Female Judge Did Not Have to Give Him 30 Days, She Was Just Mad at What He did to a Woman