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Meet Star Green

Star’s passion for real estate began at a very early age while shopping for new homes with her parents in Tampa, FL. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University and received her MBA in 2012.

After spending several years in corporate America, she returned to her first love – real estate. She has been a Dallas resident for more than ten years and enjoys providing her clients with the most hands-on, professional service possible. Star exemplifies dedication, creativity, hard work, and integrity in every aspect of your real estate transaction.

Star Green

Star Green

How as covid-19 impacted the way you do business? How has it affected the real estate industry in general?

Star Green:// Initially, business slowed down due to the lockdowns that were in place, but then it exploded! This can largely be attributed to the extremely low interest rates that are available right now. It’s a seller’s market and inventory is low so; having an agent that can help you navigate the process and coach you on how to win in multiple offers situations is key.

How has mentorship impacted your career? Who do you look to for business strategy and/or inspiration/motivation?

Star Green:// I have been licensed for almost six years and in the beginning mentorship was extremely important to help get my real estate career off the ground. In the real estate licensing classes, they will teach you about laws, ethics, etc., but the practical learning really begins on the job. Learning what systems to use, contract writing strategies, negotiation skills, how to market, etc. all comes with real world experience and having someone to help guide you is vital. Many agents don’t make it past five years in this business so I am extremely proud of my success but I still call on my mentors, such as my brokers, Ericka Alvarez and Ashton Cherry, when needed. In addition to the required continuing education courses, I also keep my skills sharp with various classes and trainings to help elevate my service and knowledge as an agent. I believe that one should never stop learning! 

What are three things prospective DFW homebuyers should know about the real estate market right now?

Star Green:// Potential homebuyers should know a few things when beginning their home search in DFW. Among the most important is that the current market in DFW is competitive, especially in certain price points. Being mentally prepared for this will help you make it to the finish line a lot easier. Again, interest rates are low so if you have been waiting for the right time to buy your wait is over! Finally, although it may be hard, try to be decisive throughout your home buying process. For many, this will be a first time home purchase so there is a lot of anxiety that can be associated with it. However, being able to make a decision on whether to move forward with a home or not in a timely manner is very important in a competitive market where homes sell quickly.
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For someone looking to buy a home in the next 90 days, what do they need to do first?

Star Green:// Every agent will tell you that the very first step in the home buying process is getting pre-qualified with a lender if you will be financing the home. This pre-qualification letter will be required to submit an offer on any property so it is best to have it ready. It is also important to know how much home you qualify for before beginning your property search.

What can prospective homebuyers do right now to ensure they are ready to buy/finance a home?

Star Green:// Again, to ensure you are properly preparing to buy a home, speaking with a knowledgeable loan officer is key. Even if you are a year out, a good loan officer can help coach you on what things you need to do or work on to be in the best position to buy. This service is typically free.
Any tips for young professionals (under 30) who are looking to purchase a home?
Star Green:// A few tips for young professionals looking to buy would be to save, don’t add large lines of credit, and have verifiable income. There are closing costs and down payments required to buy a home. Having these funds available will help you to be prepared to purchase and give you more buying power. Keeping your debt to income ratio low is key to getting approved for a loan and getting the best possible interest rate. Do not go out and buy a new car, jewelry, furniture. etc. on credit if you intend to buy a home in the near future. Finally, be sure that all of your income is verifiable. The lender will need to know where all of your revenue is coming from so if you are paid in tips or if you are self-employed, be sure that you are keeping good records and filing taxes accordingly.

Favorite places to eat and/or shop in DFW?

My favorite place to eat in DFW changes often, but lately it has been Terra Mediterranean in Plano! I am not a big shopper, but when I do I like to support local stores and boutiques.

Any final advice or information you would like to share about yourself or your business?

Star Green:// As a licensed REALTOR® it is my privilege to assist clients in achieving their real estate goals and to help them build generational wealth through real estate. I believe in giving everyone the same STAR treatment, from the first time home buyer to the seasoned investor and will be offering a FREE appraisal to all of my clients through the end of the year ($400 value). As your agent, I will always strive to make you feel like my family because after the transaction you will be! Everyone deserves to receive the STAR treatment!