Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  Welp it looks like Soulja Boy is fed up with a lot these days. Peep the rant Soulja aka Big Draco went on, in regards to Torey Lanez. Watch the vibes and energy Soulja creates based off potential trolls in his live, in the we […]


Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Welp it sounds like Blac Chyna is beyond irritated in the above clip. The new world norm as it pertains to covid testing. Parental advisory is suggested. The rant sounds like she does care about the health, and mental stability of humans. Go get tested […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Cardi B is having a tough time dealing with the paparazzi, and the petty patrol via social media, Press play for TMZ to break down the reason for her recent rant. Do you feel that Cardi B has set herself up for avoidable attention or nah .

 Follow The Beat On Twitter: Just in case you missed this week’s fight hype and shenanigans between Conor McGregor and Floyd Weather who are currently on tour promoting their upcoming fight. McGregor says he’s going to knock Floyd Mayweather out inside 4 rounds. Check out some of the footage & face off (below), and let […]

 Follow The Beat On Twitter: Dreezy takes to Twitter to rant about being snubbed from BET Hip-Hop Awards. On Monday, BET announced the nominees for their annual BET Hip Hop Awards, and without surprise some artists were not happy about being snubbed from the list. One of those artists was female Chicago emcee Dreezy, who […]

Pharrell set the record straight while visiting Ellen DeGeneres' show.

After the series of bizarre rants that Kanye West went on live during his Life of Pablo Tour, he was rushed to the hospital suddenly over a week ago. Kanye has had his battles with his mental state; his paranoia and erratic behavior have been on display to the world many times before. Sign Up […]

Everybody is talking about the series of rants that Kanye West went on live during his Life of Pablo Tour, and how he called out Jay Z and Beyonce. But very few have opted to highlight the positive and encouraging things that he said to his crowd of fans. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, […]

After being seen on tour ranting erratically onstage a few times the last few months, both fans and loved ones close to Kanye West have expressed worry about his health and mental state. While the Kanye-West-is-crazy jokes are nothing new, we’re more inclined to crack them in times like these. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Gabrielle Union has been vocal throughout the entire election process, so it's no surprise that the actress let loose on social media.