Terry Mango, the mom of the model who drew support for being insulted by H&M in a racist ad, is telling people to "get over" the incident.

The popular retailer was slammed on social media after running an outrageously distasteful ad.

H&M is under fire for a racist ad that featured a Black boy wearing a hoodie with the words, "Coolest monkey in the jungle" on it.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: G- Eazy is set to be H&M’s face of the new brand. He has expressed that he is honored and happy to be given this opportunity. During an interview with H&M magazine he said, “I loved what they did with The Weeknd I love what they’ve built with the brand […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: The H&M/XO fall collection is set to drop later this month. The Weeknd’s star power and brand continues to grow past his influence in music alone and into pop culture as a whole. Throughout his career, his fashion has played a major role in his appeal. Last year, The Weeknd […]

Plus, security threat spoils ‘Black Men Uniting’ event at a Seattle middle school and H&M's newest ad tackles what it means to be "ladylike."

M.I.A. has teamed up with H&M for a great cause.

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H&M South Africa issued an apology this week for tweeting a comment that implied White models portray a more “positive image” for the brand.

Jesus, take the wheel. H&M South Africa issued an apology this week for Tweeting a comment that implied white models portray a more “positive image” for the brand. The brand was coming off of their launch in the country when customers voiced concerns over the lack of diversity in their campaigns. Namely, that there were […]

H&M has taken advertisements to another level. While most commercials are 30 seconds to a minute long, Kevin Hart stars in a seven-minute promotional clip for H&M’s new “Modern Essentials” collection. And of course the ad is nothing short (no pun intended) of hilarious. Here’s the setup, Kevin is preparing to play soccer star David […]