Father’s Day

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  Well Fathers Day brings out the best men on one of the best  holidays ever. Add Lil Baby aka lil Dominique ceo of 4PF (4 Pockets Full) was live from the stage. The pastor made it be known that Lil Baby was a product of […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:    Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Looks like the Fathers Day Holiday 2021, took the Louisiana legend by storm. Press play to see who made Boosie very emotional during his day of appreciation as a father.  What made Boosie so emotional can be viewed above. The Candid moments meant a […]

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Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Which one of your favorite celebrities was shooting for the best kid of the year award. Drake was shooting for the stars and may have landed his Dad Dennis in some  new wheels for the holiday. Press play and peep the new blue whip.


A Queens man was grossed out after eating at Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden for Father’s Day dinner after seeing instructions on the receipt for his burger that said “please spit in it too.”  After complaining about the incident the waitress was fired on the spot and he received a refund. Follow The Beat On […]


Here is a list from FOX4 News of restaurants giving Dads something extra w/ a FREE meal, FREE beer and more!!  So take your Dad out and show him how much he means to you! Baskin-Robbins: Get $3 off any ice cream cake or cookie cake BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse: On Saturday and Sunday, dads get a free pint glass […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Let’s be honest, Dads are not as hard to please as Moms. Dad’s appreciate the small things. This Father’s Day 2017, you don’t have to break the bank for Dad. Just do these 3 simple things, that will make all the difference in the world, and will probably will cost […]

For Father's Day, nearly everyone —from Remy Ma to Monica Brown— had something positive to say.

For Father's Day, nearly everyone —from Remy Ma to Monica Brown— had something positive to say.

These children raise awareness about the effects of mass incarceration in Father's Day love letters.

Award-winning poet and author J. Ivy’s new book addresses an all too familiar story of how the absence of a father has an impact on a child’s life even through adulthood. In Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain, Ivy not only addresses the void of growing up without a father, the poet offers his own story […]

Father's Day can be a time of love or anxiety, depending on your relationship with your dad. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 23.6 percent of American children grow up without fathers in their household, so it's no surprise that many people dread Father's Day as a reminder of their childhood.