Last month, state troopers in St. Lucie pulled over a man for driving erratically on Interstate 95.  When cops approached the driver, the smell of alcohol was very obvious and there was an open bottle of rum on the seat. He didn’t deny being drunk he denied driving the vehicle, his dog was the one […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Yet another friendly reminder: Don’t drink and drive this Memorial Day Not that you should drink and drive any day of the week, but this is a friendly reminder that the Dallas Police Department is launching its no-refusal DWI Initiative this week. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  If police suspect […]

Chief Keef wasn’t kidding when he said he hates being sober. TMZ reports that the rapper has been charged with a DUI after cops pulled him over in a traffic stop-turned-drug bust over the weekend.  The Miami Beach Police report reveals that the Chicago emcee was booked Saturday for felony DUI after he failed a sobriety […]

In a video that has gone viral, Judge Qiana Lillard let the defendant's family know that disrupting her court was not in their best interest.

The NBA baller argues cops coerced him into taking a drug test during an illegal stop.

Love & Hip Hop: ATL's Tommie Lee says she was arrested (and brutalized) without cause during a run-in with police this past January.

​​ Ethan Couch, the Texas teen who’s “affluenza” case attracted national attention, can possibly face time in jail now that a judge has decided to try the 18-year-old as an adult. Couch was placed on 10 years probation for killing four people in a DUI crash in 2013. Defense claimed Couch suffered from “affluenza,” meaning […]

Miss Washington USA Stormy Keffeler has resigned following a DUI conviction.

Former Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell, was reportedly arrested on Monday on suspicion of a DUI.

An Air France flight en route to Paris from Mauritius was forced to make an emergency landing, and more.

Ethan Couch, the teenager who avoided jail time after killing four people in a DUI crash due to his defense team's "affluenza" argument -- that stated the rich kid's parents were to blame for spoiling him -- is wanted by the police for violating his probation.