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Iman Shumpert wants a judge to throw out his DUI case.

The NBA dad says he was coerced into taking a drug test when cops “illegally” stopped his vehicle in Atlanta back in August. According to Iman, he was never read his Miranda rights, nor was he informed the tests were voluntary.

Bossip reports, “The Cleveland Cavaliers player filed motions in Fayette County Court to dismiss his case and suppress the state’s evidence, arguing that the drug test and other evidence from his ‘illegal’ stop was inadmissible because the arresting officer didn’t read him his Miranda rights and coerced him into taking what were supposed to be voluntary blood and sobriety tests. Shumpert said the cops never told him that he didn’t have to cooperate if he didn’t want to.”

Iman was reportedly pulled over because he couldn’t stay in his own driving lane. Upon stopping him, cops allegedly smelled weed, and later found the baller had a “mason jar full of pot.” Iman, who said he was coming from his “homegirl’s” house, was charged with a DUI, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, and failure to maintain a traffic lane.

“The warnings given were misleading, coercive and deceptive, inasmuch as the warnings inferred that the Defendant was required to take the state’s chemical test, when in fact the test was not required to be taken by him,” Iman said through his attorneys in the court papers filed. ‘Furthermore, the officer made additional comments that were misleading and impaired the Defendant’s ability to make an informed implied consent decision.’”

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SOURCE: Bossip

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