Title: Damon Dash Says YouTube Pays Rappers To Fight Description: Before 2009 there was zero cryptos, today guess how many coins are on the market. Does Donald Trump care if the Russians are phone tapping his iPhone? Guess what the police are using A.I for now? Hip Hop mogul Damon Dash unveils YouTube pays rappers […]

Damon Dash, former business partner with Jay-Z released a video yesterday on his Instagram page. Damon can be seen arguing with West Philly’s own, Lee Daniels. Lee has given us movies like Precious, TV shows like Empire and Stars. Damon says that Lee owes him $2 million. https://www.instagram.com/p/BkftOQ-gAUT/?taken-by=duskopoppington Dame Dash on the money Lee Daniels […]

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No one wins when the family feuds.

Back in the day, Jay Z and Dame Dash were business partners who had built an empire. That empire was Roc-A-Fella records, and it was a champion of a label in one of rap’s most competitive eras. But things later went sour between Jay-Z and Dame Dash, and the two stopped talking. An exact, pin-pointed […]

Dame Dash is going to show his son Boogie Dash some tough love on tonight's episode of Growing Up Hip Hop.

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Damon Dash thinks Jay Z and Beyoncé should have stepped in to clear Rachel Roy’s name following the “Becky with the good hair” backlash that followed Bey’s Lemonade release in April. Dash’s ex-wife Roy was harassed by Beyoncé fans who surmised that she was the “Becky” who had come between Jay and Bey according to the song […]

Taylor Swift may beg to differ, but Kanye West is not a name slanderer, according to a judge.

On the 18-year anniversary of the release of Hov's greatest album, we're gonna shout out the BTS folks...

It's been nearly 15 years since Aaliyah died in an airplane crash, and her untimely passing is still weighing heavily on Dame Dash.

The highly anticipated “Growing Up Hip-Hop” premiered last night and featured a debate between Angela Simmons and Dame Dash, in which he gave her some…

The hip-hop industry is a very interesting place. If you’re familiar with industry rule 4080, you know it’s filled with shady record company people. If you’re a kid from the projects, you know it can be your ticket out of poverty. If you’re part of the cast of WeTV’s new show Growing Up Hip-Hop, it’s […]

Dame Dash got hit with a few stipulations in his child custody case. Dame and ex Rachel Roy have been embroiled in a custody war, with Dame asking the judge to drop the monitored visits with his 7-year-old daughter. Roy, on the other hand, says Dame smokes too much marijuana and their two kids even accidentally ate […]