A 75-year-old Cleveland man got into his convertible 2006 Cadillac to go for a ride and ended up getting trapped inside for 14 hours and couldn’t figure out how to manually open the doors.  He didn’t have his cell phone on him.  Cadillacs do come equipped with a mechanical door release, but unfortunately, his owner’s manual […]

Last night, some fans at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena let it be known that they were not fans of Tristan Thompson who is accused of cheating on a pregnant Khloe Kardashian. According to reports, the star power forward was booed by fans as the Cavs faced-off against the New York Knicks. Beyond the booing, TMZ reported Thompson […]

Facebook's Vice President of Global Operations, Justin Osofsky, released a statement announcing the platform's intentions to modify processes.

Robert Godwin Sr.'s family remembered the 74-year-old as someone who would "give you the shirt off his back."

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams identified a suspect in a Facebook Live homicide as Steve Stephens.

Khloé Kardashian is no stranger to NBA games or hating NBA fans, but this time around the Kardashian Kurse may have come back to haunt her. A few die-hard Cleveland Cavaliers fans believe that Khloé is the reason for the rough patch the team has been going through and they don’t want her attending anymore […]

Black Tony called up Rickey Smiley from Cleveland to tell him about his master plan.

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Two officers who were involved in the death of Tamir Rice are facing disciplinary charges.

It’s never easy to adjust to change — especially when that change affects your freedom of choice. The upcoming smoking ban at public housing units across the country has outraged residents everywhere. In Cleveland, residents who live in CMHA units believe the ban is completely unfair. It calls for no smoking in any public housing unit or […]

We didn’t know we needed a Nas and Erykah Badu track until we got one. The Queens rapper and Texas singer joined forces for the awesome new song “This Bitter Land,” which will appear on the soundtrack for The Land, an upcoming film executive-produced by Nas and Machine Gun Kelly. On the track, Nas raps about youth and […]

The Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland and the recreation center where Tamir was killed stand just four miles apart, but the space between the priorities of the RNC and the people the sticker represents couldn't be further apart.

The GOP's tone-deafness is absolutely mind-boggling; like who approved that?